About Me

At first..
Welcome to my official personal online web presence. This web presence represents my way of controlling of my own online identity and providing a central repository for friends, colleagues and visitors to view my achievements, accomplishments and blog posts on topics or subjects I find interesting and worthy of discussion.
Unless otherwise stated or referenced, all artwork presented is either owned or has been created by myself. Permission must be sought from me to allow re-posting, linking or use outside the confines of this website rohanviljoen.com.
And then…
If you are unable to empathize with others, lack a sense of humour, harbour racist intentions or uncontrollable emotions and or political or religious intolerance then please feel free to move on.
In general, common sense rules the day. If in doubt, unsure or uncertain about any content made available during you visit, please ask first.
I hope you enjoy your visit and look forward to having you drop by more often as my website is a continuing work in progress.
Cheers, Rohan Viljoen.
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