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Sapere Aude!

Honesty, Accountability, Transparency, and Responsibility; All should be key drivers in our everyday lives to help ensure governance by the people is focused for the people and communities it represents. It is the courage of individuals to follow Sapere Aude that will break the shackles of despotism, and reveal through public discourse, for the benefit of the population and the state, better methods of governance, transparency of policy and accountability for compliance in responsible representation.

To express my courage as an individual, I have taken my first step in political discourse and signed up as a member of the Wikileaks Party. I believe the establishment of the party to be a pivotal moment in the Australian political landscape with a strong edict that is closely aligned with ‘Sapere Aude’ (“dare to know” or “dare to be wise”). It is my strong belief that through the candidates for Wikileaks successfully gaining political office that individuals, and the community at large will discover the ‘knowledge’ that has been withheld by many present day political incumbents; and that transparency will empower and imbue a renewed sense of responsibility and accountability in the Australian political arena.

The Australian political arena today is (in my opinion) fraught with nepotism, heavily influenced by powerful corporates, factions and foreign governments that have usurped the day to day representation of everyday Australian communities and individuals. Professional politicians (and long term officials of public service) presently appear to be more concerned with political point scoring, self-interests and appeasing global entities than embracing, challenging or championing the causes of their constituents.

Constituents include everyday Australians from diverse socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds (indigenous and non-indigenous) that underpin our communities across this great nation. Every Australian should feel confident that their individual views, community needs and the needs of our collective nation are transparently managed with clear standards of accountability and accessibility.

There should exist a mindset of tolerance for mistakes and or errors of judgment ‘only’ when the processes exist to remediate those mistakes and prevent their reoccurrence in our society. Whilst it is fair to say that our political representatives should exemplify a political conscience for their party, they should also be free to express their individual concerns in true representation of the voters in their electorate.

My belief today is that the Wikileaks Party can be that first vital step in seeking and ultimately achieving this mindset through promoting further political discourse that will benefit not only my future, but the future of other like-minded individuals engaging in the demand for change of the present political landscape. Here’s hoping the future will be aligned with community interest, spirit, tolerance and ideals that make all Australians proud.

More info about the Wikileaks Party Wikileaks Party.



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