Online Safety for Young and Old

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Are your online activities and engagements safe? Do you proactively manage your online presence in the digital world? If you answered no to either of these questions then this blog post can help.

The digital frontiers of today’s online world influence how we interact and socially engage online. Whilst participating, many of us exhibit little regard to the information provided nor do we consider the long term implications or risks. Initiatives and programmes are already emerging to enlighten, educate and reduce exposure for the younger generation in both primary and secondary schools. Already there is a growing awareness with children on what is considered safe and acceptable when engaging in the online world. But what about the preceding generations? How knowledgeable are we, our parents and or grandparents about Cyber Safety?

As with any ‘new frontier’ the maps & tools to help us navigate safely online are rarely checked and there are many ‘new online settlers’ that stray into the online wilderness with sometimes dire consequence. The simplicity and ease of access to all things ‘internet’ presents a false sense of security that lulls even the computer literate into poor judgement of online activity and engagement.

All too often we read, watch and hear reports of Online Dating misadventures, Money Scammers and other degenerates preying on our online innocence. Thankfully our Governments (local, State & Federal), Communities and concerned individuals are fighting back, providing knowledge, and training to help reduce the impact on our everyday lives.

The following web links are informative educational pathways to learning and understanding how to safely navigate, interact with and embrace these new internet and technology frontiers. Please take a moment to investigate them. They help inform all age groups about the importance of understanding how to embrace technology and engage in online activities with a more informed awareness that reduces risk and improves online safety.

Internet Basics
More info about Internet basics provided by the Australian Government.

If you’re brand new to the internet, or looking to build on what you already know so that you’re more confident, comfortable and safe you will discover what you need to started at this website.

More info about Internet Safety Alerts provided by StaySmartOnline.

The Stay Smart Online Alert Service is a free service for Australian internet users, to explain recent online threats and how they can be managed. Home and small business users are provided with easy to understand cyber security information and solutions to help protect their online safety and privacy. The resource also informs users about the latest threats and vulnerabilities within an Australian context, and how to address any risks to their devices or computer networks. Users can pick and choose the types of information they would like to receive and can unsubscribe from the service at any time.

Internet Basics
More info about Online safety and security provided by The Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy.

Internet Basics
More info about Cyber Safety provided by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

More info about Socialising Online provided as a guide by the The Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy.

More info about Googles “Good to Know” provided by Google.

Hope you find the posted links helpful, educational and informative for your future online activity.



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